Paradigm Hyperloop PCB Design TI


Paradigm Hyperloop is a hyperloop team competing in SpaceX's competition. It consists of students from Northeastern University, College of the North Atlantic, and Memorial University. This page is detailing the design of the main PCB I helped create for the team.

Project Description

We won 2nd place at the SpaceX Hyperloop competition in August 2017!! For Paradigm, I work on the electrical and controls side. I helped make a couple boards again that managed the air valves which allowed the pod to levitate and actuate components such as the brakes. Helped with almost all other electrical components as well such as making the battery pack and wiring the pod.

The PCB in the photos is the SolidStateRelay board for the electrical system. It included 3 20mA circuits that were controlled by an onboard IC to output any current between 4 and 20mA. This controlled "MPYE" valves which were connected to the air skates that allowed the pod to levitate at controlled intensities. The Solid State Relays controlled various valves such as the valves for the brakes, low pressure system, etc. There were two of these idential boards on the pod to control the 4 MPYE skates and approximately 13 solenoids throughout the system. The IC communicated with the BeagleBone onboard through I2C.

Here is a link to our run that won us 2nd place in August 2017. CLICK HERE


The schematics and PCB layout are on my git along with the software that controlled it. CLICK HERE For Git

Along with this board I helped a younger student make an LED board to show information externally on the pod. I mentored her throughout the design process and did design reviews as necessary.

There are more specs on the git and if you email me I will send you more information as requested.

Project Details

  • PCB Design
  • C++
  • Python
  • Hyperloop
  • SpaceX