Openloop TI


Openloop is a hyperloop team competing in SpaceX's competition. It consists of students from Northeastern University, Princeton, Cornell, Harvey Mudd University, Michigan University, and Memorial University.

Project Description

This project has probably been the project I've put the most time into in college. For Openloop, I work on the electrical and controls side. I am making a couple PCB's for the project as well as working on some controls of the pod. The pod has a BeagleBone Black which basically controls all of the various subsystems. All the boards have been made in Kicad which is opensource and free. ALl the boards are also on my github so anyone can use them. The first board I made was an LED board which was just a bunch of comparators so that led's can be lit based on various input voltages. Though this is a very novice board, it has a wide range of applications.

Project Details

  • PCB Design
  • C++
  • Hyperloop
  • SpaceX