Final Electronics Project TI


This was the final project for my electronics course. It was a wireless power transfer circuit along with a full wave rectifier.

Project Description

The schematics are shown in the first picture and more details about the circuit (with equations) are liked in the word document.

The input is a funciton generator at ~314kHz directly to a coil made of magnetic wire. The receiving end is also a coil of magnetic wire with the same number of turns. Then there is a full wave rectifier and smoothening circuit to convert the AC to DC electricity. This then lights up the LED shown in the pictures and the video.

Here is a link to a video of the project: CLICK HERE

The schematics and full report is downloadable here. CLICK HERE

For a long time I really wanted to know how to build this circuit and couldn't find any useable resources online so the document and video should be a good resource for anyone trying to do this on their own. It has all the equations and circuits necessary to build one and change it for whatever specs are desired.

Project Details

  • Circuit Design
  • Induction